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what we do

Kansas Spray Foam Insulation (KSFI) is a solutions provider for creating an efficient  building envelope. KSFI professionally consults on projects for interior and exterior (including roofing)  spray polyurethane insulation foam (SPF) and specialty coatings, (thermal barrier, polyurea, acrylic, silicone, latex). Building envelope attributes are acoustics, thermal insulation, structural integrity, improved air-quality, fire-resistant, watertightness, temperature-control and aesthetics. The building envelope efficiency enhances the savings in long-term costs of buildings and increases sustainability throughout the structure’s lifetime.

Key Services

KSFI performs all services for Residential and Commercial Owners or Managers.

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2335 NW Clay Street, Suite C 
Topeka Kansas, 66618

who we are

Kevin and Diana Brauer founded Kansas Spray Foam Insulation, LLC (KSFI) in August of 2016.  They started this family-owned company with over 20 years-experience in the construction, roofing and spray foam insulation industries.  KSFI is located near the small town of McLouth, KS (north of Lawrence, KS –  Home of the University of Kansas!)

While Kevin Brauer manages the installation of the businesses products, handles professional consultations and also advises our customers on projects, Diana Brauer manages business related activities from supplies, account management to sales and marketing.  With Diana Brauer’s military background and majority ownership, the company has been verified as a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) and a SBA self-verified Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB).

The owners of KSFI believe in honesty and integrity in everything they do.  KSFI will make every effort to complete every job to the satisfaction of its customers.  KSFI wants to be a positive impact on its customers and their investments.

Employees of KSFI, LLC are well trained and on-board with KSFI’s mission.

“I had a heating and air conditioning distribution problem which required me to readjust all my vents every season. I did some research online and determined that spray foam insulation could fix my problem, however, the kits were expensive and the process looked messy and potentially dangerous. I decided to hire professionals, but most companies considered my problem a “small job” and they didn’t want my business. Kevin and his team provided me great service at a fair price. I am completely satisfied with the results and I no longer have to fiddle with my vents. My HVAC system’s cycle time had been reduced; saving me money during both the summer and winter. Thanks!”